The purpose of Stone Rehab’s Pathways to Cardiac Recovery Program is to provide an interdisciplinary approach to the management and prevention of cardiac events. The multidisciplinary team will incorporate supervised exercise training, education, and counseling regarding risk reduction and lifestyle modification into an individualized education and rehabilitation program with the goal of returning the resident back to their highest level of function.

  • Cardiovascular Disease is the number 1 cause of death in the U.S.

  • More than 2 million Americans have heart failure

  • About 700,000 new cases are diagnosed each year

Cardiac Recovery Program Goals

  • Return the resident to an active lifestyle

  • Reduce the risk of further heart problems

  • Improve ability to complete self-care tasks (ADLs)

  • Improve ability to incorporate energy conservation into functional tasks

  • Increase ability to incorporate gross motor movements, balance and ambulation skills

  • Improve endurance in order to complete functional tasks

  • Increase involvement in leisure activities and other community reintegration activities appropriate to current setting

  • Educate resident and caregivers to maximize safety and provide carryover of treatment results

  • Establish individualized Home Exercise Program (HEP)

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