Our Approach to Quality and Innovation Makes the Stone Rehabilitation Center Coastal Virginia’s Best

Westminster-Canterbury leads our competition with a long, unbroken string of Five Star quality ratings from the U.S. government based on their objective metrics and public reports.  In 2018, our Hoy Nursing Center team was one of only four nursing centers of 234 in the state of Virginia who earned Five Stars as both an overall grade, and Five Stars in each subcategory (straight A’s in each subject, if you will).

We recently renovated our nursing center from top to bottom. Now, our physical spaces and equipment are as nice as the people who will care for you!

But, we did not stop there in our quest to keep making the best Rehab Center even better, we also overhauled the way we serve patients. We now have an engagement model of care that seeks to meet your needs when, and in the manner, you prefer to have them met.  For example, there is an extensive always available food menu for everyone.

Additionally, we have provided cutting-edge brain health and entertainment tools in every room free of charge simply because it is the right thing to do. I encourage you to “play around” with the Birdsong Tablet in your room.  The Tablet provides endless hours of entertainment, ways to video chat with your family, and therapeutic experiences in a simple way that people of all ages can navigate. You cannot break it.  Research suggests that using the Birdsong Tablet may improve your brain health and mood while you rehabilitate the other parts of your body. Our innovation in the use of bedside entertainment as a way to create better brain health and more joy has earned national recognition.

In short, we want to be the best local choice for serving your needs, and we want to help the rest of our industry keep improving our national standard of care for rehabilitation services through constant innovation and thought leadership.  Welcome to the community that is always seeking to raise the bar!

We will try to get you as well as we can, as quickly as we can, and make the journey as pleasant we can.  Should you need continued services following your stay in our Stone Rehabilitation Center, we offer home health services through our very own, Westminster-Canterbury at Home, LLC.  

We wish you a speedy and lasting recovery!

Benjamin Unkle, Jr.
CEO of Westminster-Canterbury and Senior Options, LLC
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The kitchen staff made my mom feel good to be in Stone Rehab.

L. Crovatt