Because of water’s therapeutic properties, there is no restriction or limit to who can benefit from a session in the pool. Aquatic therapy allows patients to accelerate surgical recoveries, experience relief from chronic pain and disease and improve fitness and energy levels. After any type of setback or surgery, increasing patient mobility is a top priority. Incorporating a warm water therapy pool into a patient’s rehabilitation program enables them to begin rehabbing sooner than on land. Additionally, exercising in water eases an individual’s fear of falling or re-injuring themselves. What’s more, patients truly enjoy the time they spend in the pool; creating a positive attitude conducive to healing.


Who can benefit from Aquatic Therapy?

Those who suffer from arthritis or fibromyalgia:

The warmth of the water decreases pain and offers a more comfortable environment for rehab or exercise.


Individuals with orthopedic joint sprains, surgeries or replacements:

The buoyancy of water provides the ability to start rehabilitation sooner without compromising the injured joint. The combination of warm water and the ability to perform exercises earlier results in decreased inflammation and pain as well as increased range of motion.


Those with neurological or neuromuscular conditions:

The warmth and buoyancy of water offers a medium in which muscles relax and rigidity is diminished. This allows for better control and freedom to perform otherwise impossible protocols.

It was like staying at a resort. I'd go back anytime!

J. Armstrong